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14th March 2018

March OGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2018 OGM held on 12th March have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

12th March 2018

Test flying the YT-LA7

Lawrence Stretton test flew his magnificent 80 inch wingspan Lavochkin LA 7 yesterday built from the YT International kit. The plane needed a 30cc engine but Lawrence went the extra mile and installed a superb Saito FG 60R3 60cc three cylinder radial petrol engine up front which sounded amazing. After running the engine for over 10 minutes on the ground and checking everything over carefully, Lawrence opened up the throttle and took off into the brisk wind. Once airborne the plane looked and sounded fantastic eating up the sky with all that power. Ten minutes later, time to land and using the flaps the plane slowed down to a walking pace and Lawrence produced the perfect touch down. Lovely plane.... and so it should be at that price. The cost.....eye watering expensive!


thumbnail IMG_0665[1] 

5th March 2018


Can any one help Eric out .

Eric Loakes wishes to exchange a New 17x8E Prop, still in package ,for a new or used but good condition, 12x6E Prop... Contact: Eric Loakes 01455459515.

17th February 2018

New dates for the clubs events / competitions have been added to the EVENTS section.

Further details will be forwarded closer to each event.
As always food will be provided including cakes, sausages rolls or the 'Legendary BBQ'. So get yourselves along to an event and come join in the fun. 


February AGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2017 AGM held on 12th February have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

AGM 2017

The 60th Nuneaton Aeromodellers Club 2017 AGM was attended by 32 members on the 12th February 2018. The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary & Events Secretary delivered their usual reports, which can all be read on the documents section of the website. This was the 60th AGM in the clubs history and, as ever, proved very popular with the members. Following the formal  election of officers members voted unanimously to re-elect the current committee (details of which can also be viewed on the documents section), after which those present voted for the Clubman of the Year. After the votes were counted and with several candidates in the running, Chris Berry was voted the 2017 Clubman of the Year, congratulations to Chris for another years sterling job. Following the completion of the formal AGM members tucked in to a selection of sweet and savoury delights cakes and sausages rolls all supplied by members. 

clubman of the year (chris berry)

13th January 2018

January OGM Minutes

The minutes of the January OGM added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

12th December 2017

December OGM Minutes

The minutes of the December OGM added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

Christmas Quiz 

Despite some challenging weather conditions 22 members and family ventured out to brave another Christmas Quiz and buffet which followed the December meeting. As ever, John Corkill's infamous quiz covered several aviation related topics including modelling, aircraft recognition and cryptic clues. The winning team with a score of 50.5 were Alan Payne, Dave Berry, Roger Watson and Terry Watson. They beat second place team of Gordon Brown, Ted Gautrey, Geoff Bennett and David Playfair with a score of 41. Third place with a score of 33 were Richard Tidy, Max Ayriss, Paul Scott and Zoe Richards.

Following the quiz, members enjoyed a bring and share buffet which included home delights including two superb trifles and cakes made by Angie and Zoe Richards.

1st place

2nd place   

3rd place

IMG 0798

Harry's Recognition Award

Immediately following the December meeting, Harry Richards was presented with an aircraft from Dave Perrett's collection, in recognition of the work he has put in at numerous events over the years, particularly for his contribution at barbecues. 

Harry and Roger

121 Squadron, Nuneaton ATC

Following the sad demise of their minibus, 121 Squadron, Nuneaton ATC are raising funds for a replacement vehicle. Given the connection between NAC and 121 Squadron, the club decided to donate the proceeds of the sale of a number of modelling items to the Squadron to contribute towards the replacement vehicle. A total of 160 was donated and Graham Barber gratefully received a cheque on behalf of the ATC presented to him by Chairman, Roger Price. All this would not have been possible without the efforts of David Playfair, who did a sterling job in selling the items.

Roger and Graham Barber

16th November 2017

November OGM Minutes

The minutes of the November OGM added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

14th November 2017

New items added in the 'For Sale' section on the Home page

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5th November 2017

Club Annual Firework Night

Well, a good night was had by about 40 people. Good to see some members and their friends and family. A superb firework display by Chris Berry and from Norman Rathbone of LMAC and some good night flying by Andy and John. As ever, Angie laid on a good spread which couldn't have been possible without the help of Nigel, Harry, and Peter Kobrin. Well done to all those who got involved and those who took the time to support the club and contribute to the evening.

IMG 0656  IMG 0654

IMG 0571  IMG 0574

IMG 0638  IMG 0567

27th October 2017

German planes invade the flying field!

The glorious weather today enticed 22 members up to the flying field to take advantage of the last day of summer including these two German 'Warbirds'. The 'Stuka' flown by Lawrence Stretton and the ME 109 by Keith Stevens.



11th October 2017

October OGM Minutes

The minutes of the October OGM added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

9th October 2017 

SE5a Takes to the skies

On a bright day with light winds Chris Berry flew his 1/4 scale 80" span, SE5a. The model needed very little trimming and flew on rails. The aircraft is built from a DB Sport and Scale kit and construction began around 10 years ago. The model is powered by a direct drive Zenoah 38, weighs 21lbs and is fitted with twin switches and 6v NIMH receiver batteries and 4x Hitec 645mg servos. Congratulations to Chris on completing this model, very nicely done look forward to seeing this in the skies. 

SE5 20171008 115929


16th September 2017

Powered Gilding Day Event 

What a great day up the field for the Powered Gilding day competition. Members were greeted with some superb flying and great food.
20 members turned up for this years event with 14 of those members taking up the gauntlet & flying 2 rounds with a 3rd round to determine the overall winner. 25 seconds powered run followed by up to a maximum of 6 minutes score in flying time and 10 seconds bonus for landing on the runway. 
The first round started off really well with 3 strong contenders: Andy Rowley, Ian Hammerton & Peter Kobrin all putting strong times down from the outset.
The weather was a little challenging at times causing some pilots to overshoot the runway, and others just to lose lift when only feet from the ground and arriving rather than landing. 
Round 2 saw some impressive times, but again Andy Rowley, Gordon  Brown and Ian Hammerton all shone through.

Round 3 was the fly off to determine an overall winner.

The scores on the doors were as follows:

1st place   Andy Rowley     12.20 secs
2nd place Gordon Brown    12.18 secs
3rd place  Ian Hammerton  11.30 secs

                      DSC 0117

                      DSC 0109

   DSC 0126 DSC 0122

                                                 DSC 0130 

A big thank you to John Smith and Peter Kobrin for the time keeping, Angie and John Corkill for the cakes, sandwiches and sausage rolls, & also a big thank you to everyone that turned up and made it a great event.

12th September 2017

Honorary Membership for Angie 

For several years Angie Richards, ably assisted by Nigel, Harry and Zoe has gone above and beyond in providing us all with superb, sweet and savoury delights at many of our club events including the larger events such as the Bonfire night and Christmas buffet. To show our gratitude to Angie we thought it fitting to award her Honorary Membership together with a small gift. Angie has shown much strength and determination over the years in contributing to the club whilst facing some personal challenges which make this award all the more fitting. Thank you from us all.

    Harry receiving the certificate and gift on behalf of Angie                    Angie with her well deserved award

IMG 20170911_203033 20170912 160239

                                            More pictures can be seen on the 'Events' pages