1st August 2021

Club Events Back On

After an enforced break of two years, the club held its annual fun day event on 31st July.

Despite the gloomy looking sky's and the odd shower, 34 members, friends and family turned out for what was one of the best events in the clubs history.

Three mini competitions were held throughout the day.
The first was the timed spot landing. Participants had to land not only closest to the plate but also as close to 60 seconds as possible.
Lawrence came first, closely followed by Ian.

The final competition was the limbo. After several rounds, there was a fly off between Peter and Lawrence, with Peter winning with his Marlin EDF jet.
Chris got to round three with a high speed pass under the tape flying his EFX racer. However, this was short lived, as round four saw the aircraft arrive at high speed just short of the runway.

After the last 18 months we can safely say it was great to be back The second was the fastest take-off, loop, roll and landing. Ian won this with a time of 12.4 seconds closely followed by Peter with a time of 14.3 seconds.

and to enjoy not only a fun days flying but also good company and excellent food and drink.

As usual, thanks goes to all those who helped make the event what it was, with special thanks to Angie, Nigel and Harry for the catering and to Catherine and John wife for the cooking and cakes.

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