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13th March 2019 

March OGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2019 OGM held on 11th March have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

2nd March 2019

A Productive Day Up the Field

Nigel and Chris B, were up the field this afternoon doing some maintenance work. Chris has done another splendid job on mowing the patch and pits area, many thanks go to Chris for his efforts. Whilst i was sorting the club notice board inside the caravan, this now has a complete and up to date set of rules for the club & field. Please don't remove the copy from the caravan, if you would like a hard copy let me know & I'll get some done, also done some tiding up of the general area removal of rubbish & old chairs etc.. 

There are some items in the caravan that have been left up the patch, if yours please claim them. Also in light of recent events, there are some logos with suckers attached to them for members to use, we will also be bring some to the next meeting.

Safe Flying / Happy Landings 

20th February 2019

Its Goodbye From Them: RAF Tornado's take to the skies one last time.

Retiring RAF Tornado jets have taken to the skies to begin their three-day farewell tour of British landscapes to mark the end of their iconic careers.

Three jets set off on their final journey around the country today.

The Tornado's, which have been in service since 1979 and first used in combat during the first Gulf War, will go into retirement at the end of March.

As part of their farewell tour after 40 years of service, three Tornado GR4's from RAF Marham flew over the field yesterday at around 500ft.


18th February 2019

Update version 6.1, section 2.14 of the club flying site rules, (starting large models in the pits area) added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view. please can members familiarise themselves with the New update and if you experience any issues please don't hesitate to contact me ( Nigel webmaster )


15th February 2019

Clubman of the year 2018

Many congratulations go to Chris for being voted Clubman of the Year 2018 at the AGM. Many thanks for all the good work you do and very well deserved.

clubman of the year 2018

February AGM Minutes

Minutes of 2018 Annual General Meeting. 

37 members turned out to listen to the committees reports and the 2018 minutes were read and approved, after which members tucked into a DIY style buffet. 

The minutes of the 2018 AGM held on 11th February have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

08 February 2019

Fokker D V11 Biplane 

Items on 'For Sale' page, (revised price)

21st January 2019

Events & Show Dates published on the Events page. 

January OGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2019 OGM held on 14th January have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

Just for Fun.

After the OGM meeting members took part in a paper plane Competition, Up for Grabs was very nice bottle wine supplied by the Chairman, Members were asked to design a paper plane that would travel the length of the room, the ones who's travel the furthest would win, Simples.

Several members took part building all manner of different shapes, sizes and styles, but the one that came out on top was Caleb, who's plane managed to clear the Length of the room, only stopping when hitting the bar area on the far side.

Many congratulations go to Caleb for Winning.

12th January 2019

Oratex Covering Replacement for Solarfilm.

When Solarfilm were shutting down John C looked around for alternatives and one was Orafilm/Oratex. From several reports I came across at the time, Orafilm was a direct replacement for Solarfilm but Oratex had no adhesive and required this to be applied to the wood beforehand. I don't know if, at the time, there were other types of Oratex or whether they've introduced new types to fill the gap in the market but I can report that Oratex is now definitely available with heat activated adhesive, just like Solartex.

17th December 2018

December OGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2018 OGM held on 10th December have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view

15th December 2018

Stearman Takes to the Skies

Following on from previous trips to Florida where he flew an AT-6 Texan, Chris took full advantage of his recent trip to Florida to fly a PT17 Boeing Stearman at Waldo Wrights Flying Service.  Initially, he was going to fly from the Fantasy of Flight Air Museum however, high humidity resulted in a fault with the ignition system such that the flight had to be postponed. Not too disheartened, Chris and Emma had a look around the museum and had a long chat with the owner Kermit Weeks.

A few days later, with much better weather Chris visited Winter Haven Municipal Airport and had a 40 minute flight in the Stearman. The flight began with some taxing on the paved runway which is not as easy as just moving the rudder from left to right. Chris did most of the flying and throttle control including the takeoff a series of lazy eights and a missed approach down to 50ft at Fantasy of Flight where the engine gave a slight cough on the climb out as it throttled up. Chris also flew the circuit and landing at Winter Haven, with a bit of assistance on the final touch down and recovery.

Chris would like to thank Emma for organising the flight as a Christmas present and spending many hours on airfields during the holiday.

Full on-board video 48 minutes

Short takeoff video


14th November 2018

November OGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2018 OGM held on 12th November have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

Item for Sale

Super Flying Model,
Fokker D V11

Check out the 'For Sale' page on the Home site, Members must log in using User name and Password to view

For Sale

13th November 2018

RAF100 and Quiz Night

A good was night was had by all at this months meeting. 32 members turned out to take part in the annual cryptic club quiz prepared by John C and to bring a glorious selection of RAF aircraft for a special one off RAF 100 photoshoot.

A total of 23 aircraft of all shapes and sizes were brought along including Hurricanes, Spitfires, a Hawk, SE5a and Vulcan. An excellent tribute to the RAF.

As ever Johns infamous quiz covered several aviation related topics including modelling, aircraft recognition and cryptic clues. The winning team with a score of 41 was Roger P, Chris, Shekhar, Dave C and Pete B. Second place with a score of 40 was Tony B, Phil L, Max, Paul and Eric. Well done to all, especially quiz master John.

Special thanks goes to Angie, who once again excelled herself by providing a wonderful selection of cakes and sausage rolls. 

RAF 100 RAF 100

RAF 100 RAF 100



28th October 2018

10 years LMA Gaydon 2018

Many of our club member's attended the LMA Static event at Gaydon 2018, to see some of the splendid aircraft on display either built or currently under construction, this event always is well attended not only by modellers in general but our club as well.

19th October 2018

Congratulations go to Phil H for Achieving his (A) test Great job Phil.

17th October 2018

Extra Good

On a calm and bright October afternoon, Ian H flew his new Extreme Flight Extra 300. Ian had originally intended to fit a glow engine to the model but instead opted to go for an electric set-up running 4s lipos.

Ian Extra

17th September

Scale Day Event 

On Saturday 15th September, 26 members turned out in somewhat breezy conditions for the Annual Scale Day. As in previous years there was a competition element to the day to show off their scale aircraft. A competition was run to judge whose aircraft flew and looked the most scale like on the day.  Before lunch members and visitors were invited to vote for the pilot who, in their opinion, had flown in the most realistic manner during the morning.  Voting slips were counted during lunch after which the pilot with the most votes was awarded the prized Scale Cup. This year, the cup was won by John H, many congratulations to John and the runners up were Richard S 2nd, and Len G. 3rd. Many thanks go to all that helped out and run the event including to Angie R. for the gorgeous cakes and sausage rolls that went down a treat. 

Many thanks to Tony C for the pictures..... great job.

To see all of the pictures please click on the link below.






12th September 2018 

September OGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2018 OGM held on 10th September have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

10th September 2018

Congratulations go to John S for Achieving his A certificate.

Many congratulations to you John.

3rd September 2018

Worth a watch, some good advice & hits and tips for members.

click on the picture to view.

download (4)

2nd September 2018

Chris flies his Fokker DVII

With light winds and a bright sky Chris flew his 1/3rd scale DVII on Thursday morning.
Chris bought the aircraft a few years ago and with a few modifications and the adding of some scale details Chris, assisted by Dave took the opportunity to fly the aircraft on a perfect morning.
The aircraft spans just under 10 feet on the upper wing, and just under 8 feet in length and is powered by Zenoah 62cc petrol engine with a 1:2.3 belt driven reduction unit, turning a 30x10 propeller.
The aircraft flies like a trainer and needed very little trim and will fly at a walking pace.
Well done to Chris and Dave.

18 August 2018

Annual Power Gliding Competition

With 13 mph winds and gusts up to 18 mph, 12 pilots competed in this year's Powered Gliding competition for the prized Dave Perrett Cup.  

1st and 2nd round flights consisted of a 25 second powered run followed by a maximum of 6 minutes gliding.  A 10 second bonus was added for landings within the runway giving a maximum score of 6:35.  Each pilot was given two attempts after which the five pilots with the highest single flight score went through to the final round. 

In the final round the top five qualifying pilots all launched simultaneously with the final three landing planes receiving 1st 2nd and 3rd places.  Congratulations to the competition winner Gordon B who won with a 3rd round flight time of 6:23.  Andy R came second with a flight time of 6:01 and 3rd place was awarded to Andy C with a final flight time of 5:10.    

An enjoyable day was had by all; thanks to all who took part and supported the event, particularly to Peter K for providing a fantastic BBQ!


15th July 2018

On A Roll

On the weekend of the Clubs Annual flying day, Chris took several members for their A test and John C was no exception and passed with flying colours. John received his certificate at the field yesterday from Chris. 

Many Congratulations goes to John.

Electric and Vintage Day

On a hot sunny day 22 members turned out to fly some splendid electric and vintage aircraft. The club was graced with the presence of well known and renown model builder Peter Iliffe who showed us all why he is such a superb model maker with his miniature aircraft which are all handcrafted even down to the propellers. As a club we also have our own renowned model builder George who showed us all his Comper Swift with an ingenious folding wing design and BA Swallow. Both of these aircraft are over 30 years old and fly like they were both built yesterday. The day was not so much an event but more of a gathering of man and machines who wallowed in the days events, basking in the sun, talking and sampling some of the delights of cake and sausage rolls baked by Angie Richards.




Fun, Flying & BBQ.

So as on many Sundays, many members gather together and go flying on a Sunday as they do pretty much every weekend, but this one was slightly different, with the weather set to be one of the hottest weekends in June, a few members decided to break out the bbq & eat a selection of burgers, sausages and of course no bbq is never complete without cakes and of course a small amount of flying was done.



19th June 2018

Weston Park International Model Air Show

This was held over the weekend 15th,16th & 17th of June, attracting thousands of people over the 3 day event.

This is one of the most popular displays in the modelling calendar. Spectators and traders were entertained by some of the countries top model flyers, such as Martin Pickering(Spain), Dennis Gutowsky (Germany), Robbie Skipton, Steve Carr, Steve / Matt Bishop to name but a few. Many members of our club were there for either the day or camping for the 3 days. Those that stopped on Saturday evening were not disappointed as they were entertained with a night show and fireworks display. A full size display also made the line up with a clip wing spitfire (flown by 3 times Red bull Air race champion pilot Paul Bonhomme) & Trig Aerobatic Team. So if you didn't manage to get there this year, make a date for next year, Well recommended.


10th June 2018

Annual Club Fun Fly Day

Despite a cloudy start 25 members, family and friends attended one of the best club events in recent years. Three fun competitions were held.

1  A Timed Spot Landing: The aim is to land on the spot as close to 60 seconds as possible, with 11 entrants,  David P and           Dave B were first and second with 17 points and 20 points respectively. 

2. Fastest Take-off, Loop, Touch and Go, Roll and landing with 8 entrants. 

    Caleb won with a time of 12 seconds and second place went to Len with a time of 17 seconds

 3. Elimination Limbo event with 13 entrants.  Winner John C, joint second Dave B, Len and David P

    After the competitive events an entertaining few minutes of tail chasing with streamers took place. Several streamers were cut and no aircraft came to grief.

Throughout the day members grazed on a superb selection of cakes, sausage rolls, hot and cold drinks and a barbecue provided by Angie and Nigel. Many thanks to all who made the day a very memorable event


More pictures can be seen on the 'Events' and 'Pictures' page