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19th June 2018

Weston Park International Model Air Show

This was held over the weekend 15th,16th & 17th of June, 3 Day event we upon thousands of people attended.

This is one of the most popular display in the modelling calendar. Spectators and traders were entertained by some of the countries top model flyers, such as Martin Pickering(Spain), Dennis Gutowsky(Germany), Robbie Skipton, Steve Carr, Steve / Matt Bishop to name but a few. Many members of our club were there for either the day or camping for the 3 days. Those that stopped on the Saturday evening were not disappointed as they were entertained with a night show and fireworks display. A full size display also made the line up with a clip wing spitfire (flown by 3 times Red bull Air race champion pilot Paul Bonhomme) & Trig Aerobatic Team. So if you didn't manage to get there this year, make a date for next year, Well Recommended.

14th June 2018

June OGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2018 OGM held on 11th June have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

12th June 2018

Caleb gets his A game on.

While all so hosting the Events day on Saturday, Caleb found a little spare time in-between flights to Take his A Test.

Many congratulations go to Caleb for passing his A test. 


10th June 2018

Annual Club Fun Fly Day

Despite a cloudy start 25 members, family and friends attended one of the best club events in recent years. Three fun competitions were held.

1  A Timed Spot Landing: The aim is to land on the spot as close to 60 seconds as possible, with 11 entrants,  David P and           Dave B were first and second with 17 points and 20 points respectively. 

2. Fastest Take-off, Loop, Touch and Go, Roll and landing with 8 entrants. 

    Caleb won with a time of 12 seconds and second place went to Len with a time of 17 seconds

 3. Elimination Limbo event with 13 entrants.  Winner John C, joint second Dave B, Len and David P

    After the competitive events an entertaining few minutes of tail chasing with streamers took place. Several      streamers            were cut and no aircraft came to grief.

Throughout the day members grazed on a superb selection of cakes, sausage rolls, hot and cold drinks and a barbecue           provided by Angie and Nigel. Many thanks to all who made the day a very memorable event



1st June 2018

B certificate for Paul C

Very well done to Paul C who passed his B certificate earlier this week with his Hype 3D.

                    Paul receiving his certificate from Examiners Chris and Mel

IMG 0845

28th May 2018

Auster takes to the Skies

With light winds and a bright sky, Chris B test flew his new new Auster powered by a Laser 80 Four Stroke and built from a DB Sport and Scale Kit.

IMG 0820[1] IMG 0807[1]

IMG 0822[2]

                                         Chris' Auster alongside Daves World Model Cub

20th May 2018

Byron visited the field today with a nice aircraft finished in a very nice colour scheme. Paul C and Dave B both had a flight in the Devenport MB Escapade and the weather couldn't have been better! Thank you Byron.

IMG 0777[1]

19th May 2018

2018 Bungee Gliding Event

25 members turned out to this years bungee gliding event, with the weather set to be one of the best weekends we've had in many years. The sun was shining and wind was very light at times. 20 members took part in two rounds of flying against the clock and each other, to be crowned bungee champion 2018.
After the first round members tucked in to a delicious bbq, with sausage rolls and cakes lovingly prepared by Angie Richards. Round two saw even more excitement with some members struggling with the bungee cord set up, realising too early.
The day was won by Andy R, second place went to Ian H & Third place went to Ken.

scores as follows   = 1st Andy = 12.20
                              = 2nd Ian = 11.00
                              = 3rd Ken = 8.27

Many thanks to all who came and supported the event, also thank you to all that helped with the bungee, food and setup / take-down.

Third Place Ken

Second Place Ian

Winner Andy

18th May 2018

GDPR Policy published on the home page

16th May 2018

On this the 75th Anniversary of the DAMBUSTERS raid

Tonight 75yrs ago 16 May 1943, Crewe's of 617 sq took of from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire to attack the mighty dams of Western Germany.

On this day 16th may 1943 21:00hrs. 19 Lancaster's of 617 Sq took off from RAF Scampton on what would become one of the most daring raids of the war. Flying at just 60ft there and back across enemy's territory, to drop a bomb/mine that had not really been tested before. Its inventor Barnes Wallis had developed a mine that would bounce across the surface of the water like a skimming stone and set it's self against the wall of the dam, hoping to break these enormous dams Moehne, Eden & Sorper dams and flood the Ruhr valley and cripple the war machine that was believed to be relaying on this water for its war effort. Out of the 19 Lancaster's that took off from RAF Scampton only 11 Returned, 52men of 617sq had been lost, incredibly most of the losses had been getting their and back and not during the raid. Wng Cmdr. Guy Gibson DSO & bar ,DFC & bar. was awarded the Victoria Cross for drawing flack during the raid.

Lancaster 617

after the raid

Guy Gibsons Run in.

New Examiners

Chris and Mel have been certified as BMFA Examiners. Congratulations to both

New club examiners

First Aid Demonstration

After the meeting Graham Barber gave an excellent talk on first aid, including treatment of severe bleeding, strokes, heart attacks and choking, with advice on how to best position the patient in each case. Whilst many members were aware of some of the treatments, seeing what they involve in practice was a real eye-opener.

Graham also emphasised the priority of treatment, what must be done both before and after calling the emergency services.

Hopefully Grahamís advice will never be needed but, if it were, this talk was extremely useful. Many thanks to Graham

first aid ]first aid

May OGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2018 OGM held on 14th May have been added to the 'Documents' section of the members area of the website. Members must log in using User name and Password to view.

8th May 2018

Pup E flies after 15 years

A few weeks ago Ian H flew is DB Sport and Scale Pup E. 

Ian says: I bought this balsa kit for my dad Kenneth as a retirement present to give him something to do. Well 15yrs later we finally got it finished and flown on Friday. The old fella was chuffed to bits. The look on his face was priceless. 

Well done to Ian and Kenneth.

pup2 pup3

                                                    Kenneth with his  lovely Pup 


Wot 4 reaches 600

Grahams original WOT 4 FoamE reached 600 flights this weekend. Graham has been flying the aircraft since July 2011 and has only replaced some servos and the battery hatch. Well done to Graham and his Wot 4.

       IMG 20180506_175100688   IMG 20180506_174856947_HDR

7th May 2018

Learning to Fly

With very light winds and temperatures reaching the high 20ís, three cadets from 121 Squadron Nuneaton Air Cadets spent the day learning to fly models. With the help of Chris, John, David and Max, the three cadets flew a range of models, from trainers and gliders to cabin and sport models. In-between flights, all present were treated to some display flying by Lawrence and Chris with their large warbirds and Ian with his hi-performance electric models. At lunchtime, everyone tucked in to a superb barbecue flowed by ice creams, trifle, cakes and ice cold lemonade.

Many thanks to all who helped to organise the event.

Several other members also attended throughout the day to take advantage of the excellent weather and a good time was had by all.

ME109 Takes to the Sky

With the sun shining and the zero wind, Tony thought it would be a good day to fly his magnificent electric powered ME109 built from a Brian Taylor plan. Sure enough, with a dozen or so spectators, Chris was handed the transmitter for the first flight. The model flew faultlessly, with little trim change and looked magnificent in the air. The electric retracts worked well and the 6s set-up provided a scale performance. Future flights will sound like the real thing with an on-board sound system.

IMG 0041

ME 109

ME 109

21st April 2018

Lawrence wins the Aerobatic Competition.

Fifteen members along with friends and family turned out to see who would be crowned the 2018 Aerobatic Champion on what was a lovely spring day. Each competitor was allowed two flights and after round one everyone tucked in to a delicious tray of sandwich's cakes and sausages rolls, many thanks go to Angie and Hannah who supplied the cakes and food, to keep the members going. This had the effect of settling most of the pilots nerves and most went on to put in better flights in round two. Thanks goes to Peter B who did a splendid job judging and scoring the flights and to Caleb for organising the event, The Event was eventually won by Lawrence with 166pts 2nd place going to Chris B with 160pts, and 3rd place going to John C 151pts. Thanks go to all that came to support & help at this event. 

First place Lawrence

1st place Lawrence S

Second Place Chris

2nd place Chris B

Third Place John 

3rd place John C

9th April 2018 

Winter Build Competition

Eleven members entered this years Winter Build Competition and presented eleven models for judging. Judges, Chris, Caleb and John C had some debate and discussion over the eleven models presented to them. Models were judged on Build Complexity, Construction Quality and Finish. All models were well presented and varied in size, type and construction. After much discussion the winner with 27.5 points was Geoff B with his very nicely presented, own design electric powered Blanford Flyer. In second place with 23 points was Tony B with his very nice electric powered Brian Taylor BF109 with sound system and retracts. In third place with 22.5 points was Dave M with his nicely finished, refurbished Ol'Blue Nose.  

                                     Winner Geoff with his Blanford Flyer  

  1st place

                        Tony with his ME109                                       Dave with his OL'Blue Nose

2nd place  3rd place

DSCF9346 DSCF9345

DSCF9349 DSCF9347

DSCF9350 DSCF9348

DSCF9351 DSCF9352

DSCF9354 DSCF9353


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