Video Films 

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Below is a link to a brilliant video of an aircraft landing in New Zealand, amazing! 

Eric Loakes Mermaid float plane

Interesting videos:

1. Join a RAF Eurofighter Typhoon for a thrilling six-minute flight. Filmed on a gorgeously sunny day at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, this footage shows the plane darting between mountains, banking to the side and even turning upside-down.

2. Some fantastic indoor formation flying from the Electric Indoor Masters in Barnsley 2014.

3. With those windy winter blues in full force why not dream of the good weather with some great bi-plane flying.

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26th August 2014

Avro Sisters

3 Avro Sisters in formation on board video from 'Thumper', the BBMF Lancaster. Take off is at Waddiington and the Vulcan climb out break from the formation is over Marham. Watch the amount of stick movement and throttle input to keep formation