Events 2022

18th September 2022

Scale Day Event

Yesterdays scale day event turned out to be a rather breezy day. 22 members braved the winds to show off their scale like models. Members along with family & friends were encouraged to judge 3 of the best pilots who they thought had flown throughout the day in a scale like manner. Joint 2nd place went to David P & Chris B, 1st Place went to Dave M. Many thanks to Angie Richards for the selection of cakes & sausage rolls that were supplied on the day, they went down a storm.

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20th August 2022

Powered Gliding day Event

On what was a rather windy day, 26 members and family turned out for the annual power gliding competition and the chance to compete for the inaugural Roger Price Memorial Cup.

Twelve participants each flew two rounds, which comprised a 25 second power climb and then glide, aiming for a maximum score of 6 minutes and 35 seconds. 

Times from the first two rounds were added to give an overall time. The top five then competed in a fly off for the top three places.

The first two rounds saw some high scores, with several people achieving over six minutes. By the time of the fly off, the weather had changed, and times were a lot shorter.

In third place was Steve W with a fly off time of 3.17. Second was David P with a time of 3.23 and in first place flying a borrowed glider from Andrew C (thanks Andrew) was Chris B with a time of 3.48.

Everyone enjoyed a mid-session barbecue and refreshments. 

Thanks to all who contributed to make the day a success.





3rd August 2022
Vintage & Electric Day
On a windy and overcast day 25 members and family turned out to enjoy an informal day of flying vintage and electric models. A wide selection of aircraft was flown, from gliders and flying wings to edf and cabin models. Thanks once again to Angie Richards and John C for a lovely selection of cakes and sausage rolls.



28th June 2022

Annual Club Flying Day

This Year's Annual club flying day was held on Saturday 25th June on what was to be a very nice but breeze day, 27 members along with their family & friends turned out for this annual event of BBQ, cakes & sausage rolls supplied by Angie Richards with a spot of flying.

The day started off with Event no1 Spot Landing, aim take off, call landing & land with 60 sec's closes to the plate, this was then measured, closes to the plate wins this was achieved by Ian H with a distance of 8ft. Congratulations Ian.

Members then broke for lunch with a BBQ burger, sausages with cakes & sausage rolls & a spot of free flying.

Round 2 commenced with a Take-off, Loop, Touch & Go, Roll & Land all in the fastest time, this event was won by Andy R, decision was taken due to the weather (wind) that unfortunately Event 3 Limbo would not take place. Many thanks go to all that help out on the day to make it what it was. 

24th May 2022

Bungee Gliding Event 2022

On Saturday 21st May, we held our Annual Bungee Launch Gliding Competition for the Dave Perrett Cup.

Bungee Launch Gliding event, three rounds were flown with the best two scoring rounds totalled to give the overall score, weather on the day was a mixed bag of light winds followed by some long spells of sunshine. The first round saw 3 members max-out with total 6 minutes with a bonus 10secs for landing on the patch, In Round 2 the winds shifted which only saw 1 member achieve maximum points, 3rd Round was made up from the top 7 total scores from the previous two rounds this came down to just 9-secs between the making it into round 3 or not which made up for a very interesting 3rd round with the potential of having a 3 way tie of for first place, The final scores were 

1st Place: Ian H - 12.20

2nd Place: Gordon B - 10.31

3rd Place: Len G - 10.25

The Club was Honoured to have a special visitor on the day who presented the cup.

Congratulations to Ian for winning the Dave Perrett Cup, also many thanks to all that helped throughout the day with the scoring, bungee collecting & General running to make the day & event run smoothly.

2nd May 2022


The annual Aerobatic Competition (& caravan spring clean) was held on Saturday 30th April 2022, with 27 members & their family's turning out which was to be a excellent day weather wise. The competition was suitable for all standards of flying and any type of model permitted under general club rules. The competition was judged by the 2019 competition winner Pete B. Pilots attempt ten manoeuvres in front of the judge, with marks awarded based on position, accuracy and overall presentation, these were.
Take off into wind and climb out.
1 Straight and level flight (min. 100m).
2 Straight and level flight inverted
3 Two consecutive loops
4 Two consecutive rolls.
5 Reversal. Half loop until inverted then half roll out 
6 Stall turn 
7 Three spins 
8 Any 'free style' manoeuvre 
9 Touch and Go'.... Roll not bounce! 
10 Rectangular approach and landing Overall presentation.

This year was won by Dave De'M with a top score of 80-points,secound was Lawrence with 79-points & Paul C with 77- points many thanks to all that turned up to make the day a great event, also many thanks goes to Angie Richards for the wonderful selection of cakes and sausage rolls that were on offer, also many thanks go to all that turned out to help clean the caravan another cracking job done.

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17th April 2022

Winter Build Competition

The winter build competition was won by both Dave Marriott & Andy Peers joint 1st place.
; As every year, the winter build is judged by 2x committee members & 1 club member. This year's judges were, John C, Dave De M & Roger W. Aircraft were judged on 3 category's i) Build Complexity, ii) Construction Quality and iii) Finish.