Events 2024

Today 25 members along, with friends turned out for the 2024 Bungee Gliding Competition and the Dave Perrett Cup. With a Northerly breeze straight across the crosswind runway, it made for an interesting setup for the Bungee Launch.
The event comprised of 2 rounds, with both times from each round totalled to see which of the top 5 pilots would go through to round 3 for the fly-off.

17 members took part and times would start once the bungee was released from the glider. Pilots aimed to max out at 6 mins with a 10sec bonus if they made it back to the designated area of the patch denoted by the cones. The wind made it difficult to get back & finding lift was challenging at times.
5 pilots were made it through: Ian H, Adam R, Dave B, Gordon B & Andy R made it through with scores now reset, everything was to play for..

1st- Gordon 5m 41secs
2nd- Ian 3m 33secs
3rd- Adam 2m 19secs

Many thanks goes to Dave DeM for assistance with time keeping, all those who retrieved the bungee.
Chris & Harry Richards for assistance with Bbq & Angie Richards for supplying all the food & refreshments.
 Another fantastic event & day.

11th April 2024

Winter Build Competition

April seen the WINTER BUILD COMPETITION After the OGM Meeting the 2024 winter build competition took place 8 models from members were displayed for the Judges, As each year Aircraft were judged on 3 category's I) Build Complexity, ii) Construction Quality and iii) Finish. Judges this year were N Richards, David Berry & Lawrence Stretton This year's winner was Dave Marriot with his 48" Chilli Breeze. Model design to incorporate two different power plant options IC or Elc Motor, Runners up where 2nd place to Alan P with his 58" Prestwick Pioneer, 3rd place was Tony Boucher with both his North American P51 Mustang & English Electric Canberra B2 as always the build quality was exceptional points were again very tight.