27th January 2019


John C Gloster Gladiator started construction (May 2016)

Gladiator 1

Gladiator 2

22nd January 2017

Peter K test flew his recent new purchase of a CAP232 by 'Seagull Models' powered by 15cc Evolution Petrol engine with an OS G5 Glow plug instead of a spark ignition. Peter said that ''she flew well with slight adjustment required the CG, but wasn't keen on the colour scheme. It was not easy to see against the backdrop of the grey sky". He is now looking at the possibility of recovering the underside of the wing in orange and white.

peters cap232

10th September 2016

Schools Build a Plane Project Ready for Flight

Peter K and his team from the Schools Build a Plane Project are nearing completion of their Rans Coyote microlight. Engine runs have taken place and flight testing will take place following completion of paperwork. Well done to all involved and we all look forward to seeing the aircraft soon.

                 DSC 0433 DSC 0428

June 2016

Dave B 30% Cessna 152, Zenoah 62 Petrol, Hitec servos, Spektrum radio. Built from plans. 

IMG 0085IMG 0080

Bowden contest model under constuction nearly finished     

Jim W unique trainer being rebuilt in 2016 

After saving most of the parts of my crashed Boomerang I decided to plan a rebuild, with a bit of a twist, knowing there would not be another one up the field like it.

Whether it will fly is another story. Have finished the fuselage and the wings are nearly ready for covering. Have included a few photos


boompod 001boompod41

March 2016

Peter K's 1/4 scale J3 Cub shown here near completion which will have a 26cc petrol engine installed.

      Peter Kobrin's winter build 2016 -1      Peter Kobrin's winter build 2016 -2

Winter build entrants April 2016                                              

RSSPI spitfire hanger 9

                                                                 Richards 85" Hangar 9 Spitfire

spitfire dornier do 335

Harrys Wot 4 and Nigel Richards Spitfire being restored. The well deserved winner,Tony B's Dornier DO 335 

APGG gladiator   

                                                   Alans very detailed Gloster aircraft company Gladiator                                   

cessna 152 aerobatic

Dave B's 30% Cessna 152                                                                  Geoffs 'Bird of Time' glider

ARV super 2 acro wot mk1   

              George's  ARV Super 2                                                               Lawrence's Acro Wot Mk 1

schneider schulgleiter sg38 glider   wiggo1

    Pauls Schneider Schulgleiter SG38 Glider                                                 Tony's  'Wiggo'

szd 45a ogar raider of the lost arc

  Ken's SZD-45 Ogar power glider                                             Tony's 'Raider of the Lost Ark'

fly catcher chorus gull         Roger B's 'Fly Catcher'                                                                                     Dave M's 'Chorus Gull'

Dave C's Plane Collection.

'Yellow Aircraft' Razorback, covered in aluminium foil with rivet detail and scale exhausts,100s of hours of work in this so far.

Apache aviation Pepsi Chipmunk DLE35                                                         Yellow Aircraft Zero Fuji 50

Yellow Aircraft Razorback with a Laser twin all paint finish apart from 'Dallas Blonde' transfer

       RAF Chipmunk Apache aviation      Ripmax Rappier

                        Keil Kraft Invader. Glens Cap with a Zenoah 23cc

Dave has built this beautiful Bellanca Super Decathlon XL. Unfortunately Dave couldn't attend the winter build competition due to work commitments but would have entered this superb model. The aircraft has a wingspan of 115" and is built to 30% scale from an Exclusive Modellbau kit. The model will be powered by a 80cc engine and Dave may need to buy shares in a covering company but as yet hasn't decided which colour scheme to do. Maybe it could be covered in clear covering so we can admire the woodwork? 

005 003



Dave B's 94.5" AT6 Texan/Harvard designed by Brian Taylor. The aircraft is built from a combination of laser cut parts and hand cut parts. Dave commenced building in December 2013. The aircraft features unitracts air retracts and will be powered by a DLE or similar 32cc petrol engine.


Jims Magnificent Hawker Cygnet designed by Tim Hooper. Jim has hand cut every part and fabricated all metalwork. So far its taken Jim 18 months on and off and will be covered in Solartex.