Engines and Motors

21st March

Electric Flight Tutorial

This article by John Corkill falls naturally into several ‘digestible' portions.

-   the ideal battery and motor theory
-   the ideal propellers theory, including matching
-   where real-life diverges from the ideal
-   how to use the above information to put together a working system
-   odds ‘n sods

Also included is a glossary of the electrical and mechanical terms used.

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 This very useful article by John Corkill covers the follwing topics:

1)  Old fuel

2)  Fuel handling

3)  Filling the model

4)  What not to do

5)   Is the needle mechanically secure?

6)  Flushing the jets

7)  To filter or not to filter ?

8)  Can filters cause rather than cure problems ?

9)  Unexpected sources of dirt

10)  Life without pressure

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/public/Fuelling problems and solutions.doc

/public/Fuelling problems and solutions.pdf