Technical Articles


Factors affecting Take-off

/public/Factors which affect Take.doc

/public/Factors which affect Take.pdf

Aerial Positioning

/public/Aerial positioning.doc

/public/Aerial positioning.pdf

The Falco Project (allow time for download)

/public/The Falco Project2.doc

/public/The Falco Project2.pdf

Fuelling article

/public/Fuelling problems and solutions.doc

/public/Fuelling problems and solutions.pdf

Setting and Operating a Failsafe

/public/Setting and operating a failsafe.doc

/public/Setting and operating a failsafe.pdf

Guide to Large Models

/public/Large Models.doc

/public/Large Models.pdf

Electric Flight Tutorial



Coping with Cloud

/public/Coping with clouds.doc

/public/Coping with clouds.pdf

Adverse Aileron Yaw

/public/Adverse aileron yaw.doc

/public/Adverse aileron yaw.pdf