Help and Advice

This page is dedicated to helping members on all aspects of building, setting up and flying model aircraft.

Within our club we have many members, who, with over many years experience between them have amassed a vast amount of knowledge, and with their help we shall be passing on interesting articles and useful hints and tips from lessons learnt in the past to help make building and flying easier and safer for everyone.

Please send us your questions or problems you would like answered....after all, if there is something you don't understand then the chances are that many others would also benefit from hearing the answer. Also, we would be pleased to include any interesting solutions to problems you have encountered as these could be valuable to others as well.

9th July 2017

Lipo warning 

Lithium Polymer battery advice document added to the General Articles Section. 

13th October 2014

'Lithium Polymer Battery Safety' booklet recently issued by the BMFA added to the 'General Articles' section.

4th October 2014

Note on the use of non-metal geared servos added to the 'Radio Installation' section

18th July 2014

Protect your transmitter from the sun added to the 'General Articles' section

April 28th 2014

Black Wire Corrosion added to the 'Radio Installation' section

March 25th 2014

Noise reduction hints and tricks added to the 'Flying' section.

March 23rd 2014

Film covering article added to the 'Building and Finishing' section.

March 21st 2014 

Adverse aileron yaw and its fixes added to 'Flying' section.

March 20th 2014

Dealing with clouds article added to 'Flying' section.

March 20th 2014 

Web page constructed.