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If you are interested in our club and have any questions then please complete an application form below or contact Lawrence, our Membership Secretary:

By email: 

Or by using the online form on the Contact Us tab above

Due the nature of our site, we are unable to cater for jet turbines, automated multi-rota aircraft or aircraft equipped with GPS or Return to Home. All aircraft must remain line of sight, under the pilots control and remain within the boundaries of the flying area at all times.

Joining the Club 

If you are interested in joining our Club then please download a copy of the Application Form from the bottom of this page. Please complete it and forward it to the Membership Secretary by email.  

In order to process your application we will require :

Download an Application Form



Please Note: If you have difficulty accessing the form, please contact the membership secretary and he will deal with your enquiry.


New Members

SENIOR (Aged Over 23 as at 1st Jan) £65 plus £20 joining fee

INTERMEDIATE (Aged, 16 to 23 as at 1st Jan) £25 plus £5 joining fee

JUNIOR (Aged, under 16 as at 1st Jan) £10 plus £5 joining fee

Note: Subscriptions run as calendar year 

Renewing members

SENIOR (Aged Over 23 as at 1st Jan) £65

INTERMEDIATE (Aged, 16 to 23 as at 1st Jan) £25 

JUNIOR (Aged, under 16 as at 1st Jan) £10


If you are already a member of the BMFA you will need to provide proof of your current BMFA membership and evidence of any BMFA certification (A/B certificates etc.). If you are not currently a BMFA member, you can join as a country member by following clicking the link below:

Once we have received your application form we will arrange to meet with you and then we can proceed from there. 

Monthly Meetings

We meet several times a year on the Second Monday of the month at 8pm at the Stockingford Allotment Association The Pavilion, Ansley Rd, CV10 8LT 

For details of exact dates please contact the membership secretary.

Civil Aviation Authority Requirements

From December 1st 2019 new requirements came into force that require all operators of model aircraft to be registered with the CAA and must complete an online multiple choice competency test.

Various exemptions have been issued by the CAA for those who are members of the BMFA and those who hold achievement scheme certificates including extended dates for registration, testing and labelling of aircraft.

The whole process is very straightforward and is by no means burdensome or onerous in any way.

If you have any questions, please contact the club or the British Model Flying Association.

For more details please visit:

Due to access limitations please do not arrive at our flying site uninvited.