2018 Scale Day event

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A Spitfire by Paul K

IMG-20180902-WA0002 IMG-20180902-WA0000


Lawrence with his LA7

YT-LA7 thumbnail IMG_0665[1]

SE5 20171008 120435

              Chris with his DB Sport and Scale SE5a, 38cc                                                       Pup and SE5a


                       Lawrence with his Stuka                                                                    Keith with his ME109

                                                 IMG 9838 

                                                               Chris's ESM 71" Spifire with ASP 120fs                       


Chris's Flair 1/4 scale Stearman Laser 300v                                               Richard and his Spitfire


  Lawrence with his Seagul models Zlin Z50


 Dave A Junkers J7                                                                          

 IMG 0085

Chris's Top Flite GS P47                                                                           Dave's scratch built 30% Cessna 152                                                            


                     Johns Blackhorse Spitfire                                                    Chris' 1/3rd scale Fokker DVII


Dave with his Sparrowhawk.                                                                                          Ted and his B17

                                                      Chris's 1/4 scale Mike Smart Chipmunk


                                                              Andrews excellent flying Chipmunk




            Jim's Hawker Cygnet

Peter K maidens another delightful aircraft
Peter with his Robin DR235b. Peter restored this 72" petrol powered beauty which features a fiberglass fuselage and is powered by an RCG 26cc petrol engine turning a 17x8 prop. It's thought the aircraft originates from an old Practical Scale kit from the 1980's.

Peter with his Goldberg Extra                                                                     Andrew's Black Horse Chipmunk


P1000440  P1050718
               Tony's superb Beaufighter                                                                              John's Lavochkin LA7

20160730 151335 JC LUTON MINOR                                                                    John Coop with his Luton Minor 

 Tony and his ME110                 G L 11