March 21st 2014

Adverse aileron yaw and its fixes.

This article looks at the issues surrounding aileron yaw and how to overcome it

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Factors which affect Take-off

There are four principle factors which affect the effective take-off of an aircraft.
These four factors all combine together to impact on the ability of the aircraft to take to the skies in a safe and predictable way. Every propeller powered aircraft suffers from these effects, whether it be a model, or a full size.

Prop Wash



Gyroscopic effect and External factors

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March 20th 2014

Dealing with Clouds

Cloud is a fact of life most of the time in the UK. Modellers learn to estimate cloudbase by, for example, how far can you see into the distance, or are buildings on surrounding higher ground beginning to disappear into the mist (or are models themselves simply becoming more difficult to see).

It is extremely difficult to judge the height of the cloudbase directly overhead, since it's a progressive thing, becoming denser as altitude increases. There's nothing to actually focus on to estimate height easily.

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